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Faithfully Committed Coaching Program

This is a 30-day course program to discover, define, and explore our purpose.  This course provides you with the necessary tools and resources to help you discover God's plan and purpose so you see the vision of what you want your future life to look like.

  • Embrace God's vision for your life, focus on living your life with purpose.

  • Adopt core beliefs and a value system that guides your decisions and behaviors.

  • Possess integrity, where deliberate actions are consistently aligned to your value system.

  • Write and follow a mission statement and policies for living a value-based life with a purpose at your best.

  • Have a desire to live your life on the foundation of God's word on purpose. 

  • Accept your purpose which helps you, your family, and your community be better.

  • Use your voice to speak prophetically, be known for your gifts and talents, and express gratitude daily.

We're consistently building confidence and courage with the support that makes a difference in our coaching sessions.