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God's Purpose Before Our Motives

For God is my witness, how I long for all of you with the affection of Christ Jesus whose great love fills me. Philippians 1:8 AMP

Our selfishness is a constant obstacle in our relationship with God. We put ourselves and our motives before God’s purpose. We ask for prayers that are not in alignment with the will of God for us. God desires to give us our heart’s desire but he wants us to lay our cares at His feet, seek Him and His kingdom first, trust Him with all our heart and align our motives with His will.

He longs to be in relationship with Him. How often have you decided to not be apart of something because you didn’t feel appreciated? Or you don’t feel like your opinion is important? I believe God is saying, we’re in this together in Mathew 6:33, when He says seek His kingdom & His righteousness first.


Blessed is the Lord, lover of our soul, who loves has covered our sin. We submit ourself unto and seek your plan, purpose and agenda for us. I pray, that your love may abound more and more displaying itself in greater depth] in real knowledge and practical insight, so that we may learn to recognize and treasure what is excellent identifying the best, and distinguishing moral differences. Your word is true yesterday, today and forever more, IJN, Amen!

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